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Online Business Partner Meetings - Baden-Wuerttemberg & India

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Online Business Partner Meetings

Baden-Wuerttemberg & India

Your gain: targeted 1:1 meetings 

This is a unique opportunity to generate new business! Meet potential business partners online and grow your network in a cost efficient way without the hassle and risk of travel. 
Our Event website is the place for your meetings. These individual meetings can be arranged in advance by the participants through this website.

Get to know Baden-Wuerttemberg:

Industry sectors for collaboration 

  • Aeronautics & Space 
  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical & Plastic Industry 
  • Creative Industry 
  • Energy & Renewable Energies
  • Environment Protection & Pollution/Water Management
  • Food & Ingredients
  • ICT & Telecommunications
  • Life Sciences, Medicine & Pharmaceuticals
  • Mechanical Engineering & Machinery
  • Mechatronics & Robotics

Why participate?

  • Find qualified contacts during effective one-to one meetings
  • Overcome travel restrictions due to Covid-19 and use this unique opportunity to connect with business partners abroad 


  • Your participation is free of charge 


  • 15.03.2021 registration deadline
  • 15.03. - 18.03.2021 schedule your meetings
  • 18.03. - 26.04.2021 online business partner meetings

How can you benefit from this event?

  • Publish and showcase your products, projects, services or business needs to event participants
  • Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings at the event
  • Generate fresh leads and meet new contacts in a time and cost-efficient way
  • One step ahead of your competitors by being seen and visibly present at the event

How it works and how to find the best matches

  • Register early
  • Fill in your profile as detailed as possible
  • Make yourself more visible by using the marketplace function to showcase your product and specify what you are looking for
  • Screen the list of registered companies, identify potential matches and start a meeting inquiry
  • Keep an eye on the meeting requests you have received from others and accept invitations 
  • For more information go to "how it works"

The top 5 objectives to make your stay a success:

  • Meet partners and customers
  • Discover new products & services
  • An online alternative to your business trip 
  • Reduce your travel budget
  • Grow your business


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